Meaning? What do you mean by ‘meaning’? Is there perhaps a meaning in that movie? You must be kidding. That is not a movie with meaning. Charlie Chan’s, Claude van Damm’s or Steven Seagal’s movies -those are movies with meaning. Kubrick’s film is a simple entertainment. A monolith that appears and disappears; a computer that sings “Daisy Bell”; some astronauts playing hide-and-seek in space… Inconsequential things, the kind one watches with a microwave bag of popcorn and the remote control in one hand and channel surfing. Kubrick was an entertainer, and that’s exactly what he does in this movie: entertain. In fact, he had the project of converting the plot into a Broadway musical, but he ran into space problems, if you know what I mean. Also, astronaut suits were not suitable for dancing.

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