Start by trying to read the thought of inanimate objects, like a stone, or a joss stick of incense, or, say, a bulldozer. Then go increasing the difficulty by ascending the scale of living beings. Try to telepathically convince a field mouse to dance a Russian dance. Next you break a law and try to convince a marsupial not to denounce you to the police. If the denunciation does not occur, that is good news, not only because you are not going to jail, but also because you are beginning to master the technique. Now you can dare to telepathically transmit a thought to a human being. Start with human beings who are not very thoughtful. Try to persuade them to go to the bathroom. This may take some time to achieve, but success is guaranteed. Finally, face an individual whose mind is full of thoughts so that you have to push your way through that tangle of ideas. Try to convince him of the need to give you fifty dollars. If you succeed, increase the figure more and more, until he is forced to go into debt to give you money. This is already an advanced stage, and you are now ready to engage in telepathy as a way of earning a living.

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