On one occasion, the New York’s ASPR (American Society for Psychical Research) wanted to test a celebrated medium known for speaking in trance with hares from the woods of Pennsylvania. To this end, some of its members traveled to Philadelphia where randomly kidnapped a passer-by and led him with his head covered to the forest where the medium practiced as such. As soon as he stood under the tree where the medium was perched, she immediately recognized the man. She gave his name, address and social security number, as well as many personal data that none of those present knew, not even the man himself, who remained hooded the entire time. When the hood was removed, he was very impressed by the experience and wanted to put the hood back on. He then insisted on walking back home cross-country and with the hood on. As the medium had guessed, at the time of his kidnapping the man mistakenly believed himself to be a few blocks away from his home on the West Coast. He was never seen again.

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