Strange things are given strange names, what’s so strange about it? My cousin is a strange guy and that’s why he is called Velvel, which means ‘little wolf’ in Yiddish. If my cousin were a cool guy, his name would be George, which means ‘george’. That’s the reason why when someone moves objects about, it is called ‘to relocate’, while if objects move about on their own it’s called ‘poltergeist’. Do you understand? When you are seeing things that are happening under your very nose, this phenomenon is called ‘seeing things happening right under your nose’. On the other hand, if you see things that happen 500 miles away, then it’s called ‘clairvoyance’. One last example so you fully understand… The phenomenon of reading a book is called ‘reading a book’, but if what you read is the mind of another it’s called ‘telepathy’.

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