You have to become a psychologist first and, when no one sees you, add the prefix “para” in block letters to your degree. To this end, speed is essential. While you are studying Psychology, you should start training to acquire the skill and quick reflexes to achieve it. Keep in mind that you will not have many opportunities. The few times you’ll have the official title at your fingertips, there will be people watching you, mostly professors from your University. You must learn to identify the small gaps in attention in the staff. My recommendation is that you practice in the staffroom. Just drop by the place and set a goal: for example, to borrow Professor X’s nail clipper without permission. Be on the lookout until you see the nail clipper come out of his pocket. While he cuts his nails there is nothing you can do, don’t be reckless, wait until he’s done. Then perhaps an opportunity will arise. Indeed, professor Y just said something funny and Professor X leaves the nail clipper on the table in order to free the hand to hold his belly. This is your chance: pounce on the nail clipper like a lion on its prey and cut your toenails before anyone realize it!


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