Undoubtedly, the strangest paranormal phenomena is taxidermy, consisting of skin shedding in taxis. Although in snakes this is a completely natural process, it’s not the case in taxis according to recent studies. At Columbia University, for example, researchers focused their study on New York City taxis. NYC taxis have always been yellow. However, in 2013 many taxis began to undergo a strange mutation: the yellow color peeled off and an apple green color appeared instead. Not all taxis went through this transformation, but a significant number of them did. In any case, a sufficient number to attract the attention of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, which commissioned an investigation to the Columbia’s Department of Biological Sciences, whose amazing conclusions have been made public these days.
The report is emphatic: skin shedding is not a natural process in taxis since only living beings can, in certain cases, shed their skin; and a taxi is not (underlined: it’s not) a living being. Nevertheless, this statement does not seem to be shared by all researchers. Prof. John Shooney in particular has been noted for having given a press conference in which he affirmed that taxis (at least those of New York City), alike many other living beings, not only shed their skin but also mate and reproduce. And what is more alarming: although a taxi doesn’t need much food, when it gets hungry, devours the passenger who is occupying it at that moment. And Shooney quotes the testimony of some taxi drivers who, at the end of their rides, were faced with the inexplicable disappearance of their passenger.

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