Certainly. Anything fallen into the wrong hands can become a public danger. Unfortunately, hypnosis has long since fallen into the wrong hands. Perhaps the name Percy T. Carrington doesn’t ring any bells with you, but if I say “Bulging-Eyes”, the unmistakable image of a certain magnate from the entertainment industry will come to your mind.
When Bulging-Eyes went to school received this nickname due to his eyes, which were the most salient feature in his face. “Salient” is not a metaphor: his eyes protruded by about 10 inches! You always felt watched in his presence! You wanted to run away! But you couldn’t, because his piercing gaze was hypnotic. It can be said that Bulging-Eyes was a born hypnotist. From a very young age he was aware of the power that resided in his eyes. Before long, he discovered that he could withdraw money from any bank without having made a deposit previously. That provided him with the necessary funds to build an empire out of nowhere. A hypnotizing empire. An empire that hypnotizes hundreds of thousands of people every month on theater stages around the world. For a long time now, other shows such as cinema, drama or music hall lagged behind the stunning start of hypnosis as the main show of entertainment industry. Every evening thousands of people in the world are invited on to the stage to submit their will to the caprices of a hypnotist. “When you hear the word … you will behave like your pet.” A similar phrase resonates every evening in hundreds of theaters around the world. And as a consequence, every day more citizens avoid saying certain words in public for fear that suddenly one of their fellow citizens will start barking on all fours.
That’s no little danger I’m afraid.

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