When repressed, the subconscious tends to look for an exit, just as the prisoners of The Rock would excavate tunnels with teaspoons intending to escape. To release the subconscious’ pent-up feelings, you need a teaspoon or, in its absence, a hypnotist. In any case, it’s necessary to be very careful because, just as it happened with The Rock prisoners, at any moment the alarm can sound and the escape attempt could be ruined. Mortimer Sinclair spent two years digging a tunnel in his subconscious, and when he finally thought he had reached the conscious, he stuck his head out and found a guard pointing a 12-gauge shotgun at him. Jerome Monroe dug in the wrong direction and ended up in the small intestine. Hypnosis is a more subtle, faster and more accurate method, but it also costs more money and success is not guaranteed. It’s the equivalent of bribing the guards. After several hypnosis sessions, during which he plunged deep into his subconscious, Julian Nairz was not entirely sure whether he was he or a North Dakota fur dealer named Harrison P. Sturges who lived in the late 18th century and whose mother-in-law made his life miserable.

Here we see a guard examining the tunnel through which Karl Pedersen’s pent-up feeling of being a giraffe broke out:

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