At last, a paranormal experience that I can talk about in the first person! However, when this happened to me I didn’t even know what astral projection was, and hearing about out-of-the-body experiences would have made my skin crawl. You know, as a rule I consider it prudent not to stray too far from your own body. Actually, I was not even aware of having left my body. Had I known, I would have get back at once. Because suppose that a fire occurs in your apartment while your body is alone at home and you are out there on a bender. Just the thought of it makes me shiver. That’s why I would recommend everyone who was considering to project himself astrally that first will find a sitter. Don’t leave your body alone at home!
Well, the night this incident happened to me I was physically exhausted. All day I had been trying to fix the leaking sink faucet. I started to disassemble the pipe and, I don’t know, I got a kind of disassembling fever. When it passed, it was already getting dark and at my feet lay several yards of pipe. Staggering, I made my way to the bedroom and collapsed on the bed. I don’t know whether I fell asleep or just passed out. Anyway, I was suddenly at my girlfriend’s, with whom I had argued the day before. When she noticed me… well, my girlfriend has a bad temper, so … you can imagine the uproar. “How did you get in?” “What are you doing in my apartment?” For a while there, she kept asking me those kinds of questions for which I had no answer. So suddenly I was in the middle of the street.
It was early morning, and I started toward the Brooklyn Bridge, hoping that a cab would pass. After much walking, I spotted one in the distance, and started running towards it. But it turns out that if you run while out of the body, something happens and, well, all of a sudden without even knowing what happen, you are shot at a great distance. In my case, I landed in Patagonia, I don’t know whether it’s usual in these cases. It must not be usual because there was no one there, just me and a penguin colony. I didn’t want to get their attention, so I pretended to be one of them. While I was imitating a penguin, I put my neurons to work in order to discover a way to get home. But my neurons were somewhat altered by the events and I could not think clearly. That explains why I tried to talk to a penguin. I asked him if he could show me the way to Brooklyn. He didn’t know, but will you believe me if I tell you we had a pleasant chat? Anyway, I don’t expect you to believe me; if I were you I wouldn’t believe me either. The thing is, I started walking. I don’t know how many miles I did on foot. I spent the whole day walking through deserted places until, at nightfall, I met a guy who greeted me kindly and asked me what I was doing there. I replied that I had no idea, and he laughed. And while he was laughing he floated in the air.
That’s when I heard about astral projection for the first time! It turns out that we were both momentarily disembodied spirits, with the difference that he was disembodied for pleasure and I was disembodied by accident. The thing is, I hastened to extract from him what I needed to know to return immediately to my body, and without further delay I followed his instructions and instantly found myself back home.

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