Above all, it must be checked that the experiment takes place under controlled conditions, which means that the viewer and the agent must be unknown to each other (although in exceptional cases they can be married). We accompany the agent to West Orange, New Jersey, making sure the viewer doesn’t follow us. (If he does, we try to lose him.) Then we rush back to Brooklyn, making sure the agent is not following us. (If he does, we threaten to suspend him without salary. If he persists in following us, we try to lose him.) In Brooklyn we meet with the viewer, who in our presence must guess where the agent is at that very moment. If he says “West Orange, New Jersey”, he is the winner and is given a choice between a teddy panda or a taxi ride. However, before we got that done, we must check that the agent is still in New Jersey. If he has somehow managed to return to Brooklyn, then he is the winner and is suspended without salary. It may also happen that the viewer guesses that the agent is back in Brooklyn, in which case the viewer is the winner (Unless the agent runs back to New Jersey, in which case the experiment ends in a draw.)

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