Some mediums, when in a trance or in financial distress, generate a viscous substance in the form of gray cloud. This is called ectoplasm. The word comes from the Greek “polikeras” which means “roam the bush”. An ectoplasm takes shape as one looks at it. It can represent a loved one or someone to whom money is owed. It may also represent a woodpecker, or perhaps Mexico City, or perhaps smoked sausage. This is to say that it can represent anything one can imagine, except a grand piano. The medium spontaneously secretes said substance in the course of the séance. Not all mediums are capable of secreting ectoplasm but only those who have belonged to the guild for more than thirty years. Young mediums secrete a different substance called ‘soap bubbles’. Ectoplasm is the reason why many people avoid attending séances, as it sticks to clothes and leaves stains.

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