As Mao Zedong said once: “Everything weird tends to come together.” Mao used to apply this wise principle to geese (“the strangest living creatures after Chiang Kai-Shek” according to him) but it can also be applied to ghosts and extraterrestrials. Indeed, it’s possible that there are ghosts of extraterrestrial origin. It’s almost certain if we look at the case of Benjamin Zukor. Haven’t you heard of him? So let me illustrate.
Benjamin Zukor was a peddler who traveled the roads of Poland with his old horse and his cart. He was a dealer in pieces of metal of an unknown alloy here on Earth. People wondered where he got his merchandise from, and tried to get the answer out of him. But he used to make only a vague gesture with his hand pointing to the sky. Hence the rumor spread that, years ago, he had witnessed the crashing of a UFO on the bridge of his nose, and that it was from the remains of that accident from where he would extract his merchandise.
Zukor lived to be 143 years old and there was no time to bury him since his corpse disintegrated after a few seconds. Then people spread the rumor that, after all, the UFO might not have landed on the bridge of his nose, but rather it was his nose that had landed on the bridge of the UFO. However this may be, the thing is that “Zukor’s ghost continues to travel the old paths” as the saying goes. (This saying is taken from the famous song “Earth Is Oblong”, composed by Mendele Broksky while he was of unsound mind after eating a cactus.)

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