No. Some evil people have tried bilocating to provide themselves with a good alibi, but were always failed attempts. In his memoirs, Oscar Winnipeg, the famous park bench robber, says that, tired of being singled out every time a public bench was missing, wanted to bilocate himself to get a good permanent alibi, but all he ended up with was a stick in the eye and a bulky doctor bill. Not everyone is good for bilocating. You have to be in good physical shape and be agile enough to run away from yourself before you know it. In addition, being in two places at the same time doubles current expenses, which makes it unprofitable. For this reason most cases of bilocation have saints as protagonists. Perhaps the most famous case is that of a Castilian nun who in the mid-16th century evangelized a part of America from her convent cell in Castile. Which is a feat comparable only to that of the Jesuit Martin de Portola, whose double rebelled against him in the Philippines and he had to go seek him out.

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