Lacking vocal cords, ghosts are at an enormous disadvantage in terms of access to language and its modes of expression. For this reason the Supreme Court granted ghosts “the inalienable right to emit psychophonies.” Nevertheless, psychophonies are emitted with the mind and, lacking mind, ghosts … Anyway, this time the Supreme Court dismissed the complaint. But ghosts were reluctant to give up their right to express their discontent with their living conditions. So they developed a way to produce psychophonies without the intervention of the mind. It’s what is known as the “Pishnuk method”. Arnold Pishnuk is the inventor of this method consisting of the random emission of human-like sounds by rubbing the head against a wooden surface. The Pishnuk method encompasses a wide range of sounds. However, since it’s not a mental process, the messages uttered by this method do not carry any meaning at all. Some popular examples of psychophonies are: “Giiiiiiiiiiiii”, “Oyyyyyyy”, “Swap! Swap! Swap! ”,“ Rrrrrrrrrrr ” and “Turn off the groundhog!”.

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