I dare to assure that levitation is the most frequent. I usually carry stones in my pocket just in case. Because you never know when it can happen. It happened to me during my sister’s wedding. I was engrossed in my own thinking when, all of a sudden, the wedding was taking place down below me… and, well, there was some excitement and a great deal of noise. My sister hasn’t forgiven me yet. I don’t know why people don’t believe this is something unintended. Anyway, if you are prone to levitate, you can’t get so engrossed in your own thinking without it being a dangerous thing. Because you never know when you’re going to have a lofty thought. Although I shouldn’t say it, I usually have high thinking, and the truth is that it’s quite embarrassing. For example, when you are having tea in the company of high-minded people, and without taking your eyes off the newspaper, you leave the cup on the saucer. Or when you’re shaking hands with someone. Before you know it, you can be at a high altitude, and the other guy grabs onto you like onto a roof by the tips of his teeth. Of course, you shouldn’t drop him. Although he may think that you are kidnapping him. People are very touchy, you know?

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