Yes, for sure. The cusp of the Great Pyramid emits ultrasounds towards the Cosmos, specifically towards the Orion constellation, from where someone in turn waves his hand and smiles. This has been discovered by archaeologist and defender of the theory of ancient aliens Harry Swisburne. How did such finding take place? One night in August 1997, Swisburne was lurking near the entrance to the pyramid, waiting for the right moment to sneak inside. (He is forbidden to enter as a result of an unpleasant incident with a dung beetle.) Suddenly a rubble fell on his head -or a rubble was thrown on his head. During the period he was unconscious, a porcupine guided him inside the Great Pyramid, revealing all its secrets to him. Among which, the secret password to penetrate the hidden camera that exists beside the Queen’s Chamber and has not yet been officially discovered because, whenever someone has passed by the door, a mysterious energy has diverted their gaze. This password must be spoken by a virgin maiden or a bachelor currently unattached and not interested in dating, like Swisburne himself. Furthermore, the porcupine revealed to him the authentic name of Pharaoh Cheops, which is none other than Harold W. Rapaport.

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