I will mention the ten most interesting cases according to the journal “Nature”:

  1. One day, Martha Newcampbell was dining boiled chard when the chard leaves suddenly choreographed a scene from West Side Story.
  2. J. K. Millington witnessed how a group of field mice conspired against him. The next day, a giant mousetrap with a whole Gruyere cheese as bait was found in the middle of the room. Millington could not resist the temptation and fractured his hip.
  3. Frances Celan was speaking in French with a friend when she suddenly saw the words in typographic characters instead of phonemes coming out of her mouth.
  4. Philip Graham surprised an intruder in his home and discovered that the intruder was his own etheric double who had been fooling around with his wife. His wife confessed and the next day eloped with the double.
  5. In her Edwardian house, Sophie Papoulus found a secret compartment inhabited by a pyramidal creature with the voice of Donald Duck.
  6. Police in Benson, Arizona, arrested an individual for telepathically coercing some potted chives to rob a bank. The chives barricaded themselves in the restroom and had to be shot down.
  7. In San Francisco, an alleged alien descended from a disk-shaped spaceship suspended above a restaurant and ordered some takeout food.
  8. At a conference of anglophone countries held in Sydney, Australia, all of the speakers refused to speak English and spoke Urdu to everyone’s shock.
  9. Michael Onofrio was walking on the beach in Jacksonville when he suddenly entered another dimension characterized by a lack of cat food and on-demand television.
  10. In an altered state of consciousness caused by the ingestion of certain roots, Ray Avekananda saw a battle between Good and Evil, sided with Good and a rubble hit his head.

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