Here is an interesting question. Parapsychologists do not agree on this. At the last international congress, this was the star topic of the debate and all the divergent opinions came to light. According to Russian parapsychologists, a crystal ball must be permanently alert if we want her to get an update on what’s shaking out over there. On the other hand, Italians hold the view that the more relaxed the ball is, the more effective at exercising her divining function. “But to relax a ball it is not necessary to cover her”, Spanish Sorcerer Felix points out, “It’s enough to turn off the lights.” French Witch Charlotte disagree: “You are so pathetic! Everyone knows that crystal balls are afraid of the dark!” To which the Spanish representative (who wears a black robe with embroidered stars) replies: “That will tell for French balls!” And here the argument quickly escalates, until Sorcerer Felix waves his magic wand and makes Witch Charlotte disappear.

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