Oh my! What a shocking case! Just thinking about it gives me the heebie-jeebies. It happened in Boston, Massachusetts, entering on the left. I am not allowed to reveal the protagonist’s name under threat of being exorcised myself, God forbid! This was a man known in Boston for being able to continue playing bridge despite having fallen from the top of the Millennium Tower skyscraper. Game was his undoing. One day he bet too big, and that very night the strange phenomena began. First, exaggerated convulsions seized him in the street. Passersby thought he was dancing, until his head shot out like a rocket. Since the man continued to dance, they went to notify the parish priest of a nearby church. The parish priest had warned them: “If you see a man dancing without a head, let me know.” Oh my! The parish priest! Just thinking about him gives me the heebie-jeebies. He brought a wheelbarrow from which he drew an ax and began swinging the ax till the poor demoniac was chipped. Nevertheless, this one kept dancing like it was nothing. Then the parish priest took a meat grinder and ran the wretch through it. But the man kept dancing! Oh my! He had been turned into mincemeat, but he’d got the swing and couldn’t stop. Then the parish priest yelled some Latin words at him and it was at that moment that an imp was seen running out of the minced meat. «Now go, you’re healed», the parish priest said to the pile of minced meat, and left pushing the wheelbarrow.

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