It just occurs. The danger lies in not realizing that it’s occurring. We may recall the case of the yogi Swami Virukananda, who did not realize his meteoric rise until he had to go to the toilet. Earth was a small blue planet down there, and he panicked. He waved his arms frantically, unaware that in outer space one floats. But he knew nothing of outer space. He still believed that the Earth was flat and that the stars were the luminous tips of the incense sticks of the saints. By the way, where were the saints? Ah, there was one coming … But the saint didn’t stop; moreover, he almost collided with Swami Virukananda. That infuriated him and he started yelling at the saint. Then he realized that it was not really a saint, but a rock the size of a saint. (He knew the size of saints because in his youth he had worked in a workshop for making saints bathing suits.) A levitating rock? That was completely impossible. (He knew this because in his youth he had tried to make a rock levitate, in witness whereof he kept a souvenir in the form of a gash in his scalp.) Where on Earth was the toilet? Of course, the toilet was on Earth! He had to run back to Earth if he didn’t want to wet himself. At that moment another levitating rock passed him and Swami Virukananda clung to its tail. The meteorite fell not far from the yogi’s house, but the toilet was occupied.

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