Perhaps the statements of the astronauts who walked on the moon could shed some light on this. “Then I heard a weird noise coming from the far side … Are you familiar with the noise a taxpayer makes when squeezed by a tax inspector?” This statement by Buzz Aldrin gives us food for thought since a similar noise has been described in relation to haunted houses. Let’s hear this other testimony by Neil Armstrong: “An unidentified flying object came out of the far side dragging behind it a banner announcing a well-known brand of detergent.” As it happens, haunted house owners are known to use the same detergent to remove ghost stains. Thus, everything seems to indicate that the moon is haunted. But if so, what would be at the root of this? According to the defenders of the ancient astronaut theory, in the time of the Pharaohs the moon would have been the scene of a bloody battle between the Pharaoh Amenophis III and the Anunnaki. It seems that, in his daily transit through heaven, the deceased pharaoh had been harassed by the Anunnaki, who rudely whistled at him as he passed the moon, where the Anunnaki were playing roulette and drinking booze. It would be the ghosts of the Anunnaki killed by the pharaoh the ones who would wander along the far side of the moon, thus haunting our natural satellite. (This unequal battle fought in the moon has been faithfully narrated by the defender of the theory of ancient astronauts Harry Swisburne in his books “Armageddon on the moon” and “The pharaoh who couldn’t be whistled.”)

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