Yes indeed. If while browsing the internet, one presses the & key five times in a row, the image does a hard fade to black and a kind of silver cloud appears on screen singing “Can’t Help Falling In Love” with ukulele accompaniment. This melodious cloud goes by the name of Seymour Falklin and allegedly is the ghost of an IAD victim (Internet Addiction Disorder). The story of this man while alive deserves a brief memory. A computer security expert, Seymour Falklin had been chosen to be one of the holders of the seven keys to the internet (that’s to say, a member of the select group of seven individuals worldwide who hold keys to protect internet from libidinous tendencies). Nevertheless, within months such privilege was withdrawn from him on the grounds that he was engaged in inappropriate behavior (he was staying in scandalous, dishonest and dirty relationship with a WiFi router). When the police showed up at his home to seize the key, he swallowed it and died straight away from choking on binary code. Well, the point is that the seventh key to internet was never found in his body even though it was carefully searched during the autopsy. So, some questions arise. First of all: where is the key? And is its mysterious disappearance related to the recent bursting in the Web of a lot of searches with the word “sex”? Furthermore, how the hell did Seymour Falklin get into the core of internet? Was it thanks to the key? And what are his intentions? Are they limited to ukulele promotion? Or are they even more wicked?

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