Whether induced by mushrooms, methane gas, or papaya juice, hallucinations are always paranormal. There are no normal hallucinations, get this into your head! Nowadays hallucinating has been turned banal: everybody hallucinates. Well, no! Hallucination is a very serious thing. I don’t recommend it to my worst enemy. A year ago I got lost in the Bronx and, following wrong directions, ended up wandering aimlessly through the Mojave Desert. I discovered that cactuses release a milky substance and I got to milk them and drink that substance in one gulp. I started hallucinating … A spaceship landed on my head and minuscule astronauts dug a tunnel in my brain. “Puagh, this guy reeks of cactus!” I heard them say. Then they started planting weird ideas in my mind. Something about forcing everybody to become a bullfighter. Also something related to goose fat: “Oh, if everyone smeared goose fat on themselves, the world would be more livable!” Things like this. Before they left, they threw pamphlets with quotes from “Das Kapital” all over my brain, and soon after the tiny spaceship had gone off in an unknown direction. As a result, my eyebrows have been raised and I can not lower them.

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