That is at least what the proponents of the ancient astronaut theory say. In his book “The Celestial Musicians and the Pied Piper of Hamelin”, Harry Swisburne quotes a passage from an ancient Sanskrit text which reads that Prince Uponisala would choose his servants in accordance with a musical scale. Each one represented a note and all together they vibrated at a frequency of 110 Hz. Such frequency allows contact with “the gods”, which is the same as saying “the aliens”, which is the same as saying “Swisburne & Co.” “Which aliens?!” you might ask with a start if you are ignorant about the ancient astronaut theory. Well, the answer is: the aliens who, in ancient times, descended to Earth to teach the primitive humans the benefits of music and also to destroy everything. The passage runs: “Every morning, prince Uponisala checked that his servants were finely tuned and, if they were not, he fine-tuned them by twisting their ears”.

Likewise, in a clay tablet found next to the Great Pyramid of Cheops one reads: “Suddenly Astanaton ‘the one with the falsetto voice’ began [to shriek and] my king Ramses, oh son of Ra, hero who has no superior, [who was plowing] the fields burdened with the yoke, looked up and saw his palace rise into the air. When the palace reached [the height of] the Great Mountain, ‘the one with the falsetto voice’ clammed up abruptly and [as a result, the palace] collapsed [on the ground] becoming a pile [of rubble]. Oh, my king Ramses son of Ra, I still don’t quite understand. Grwrktfkkkkgcrek! This lament is [truly] for the palace.” Proponents of the ancient astronaut theory believe there is a clear allusion here to a very advanced constructive-destructive technique that aliens would have taught the ancient Egyptians. This technique would use the power of sound waves to levitate big stones, which is how the stones of the Great Pyramid would have been put in place.

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