Certainly. Especially the bagpipes. On one occasion, I witnessed how, under the influence of the sound of bagpipes, a woman started to roll herself in flour like a croquette. (Spontaneously tumbling or rolling is one of the main signs of Enlightenment. Buddha was said to be able to do up to three hundred somersaults per minute while in ecstasy.) The bagpipe was invented by the Irish druid Ogerin for the purpose of building a bridge to Tech Duinn or the world where the souls of the dead Celts inhabit. According to legend, once the bagpipe was finished, Ogerin spent three days in a row playing it non-stop. At the twilight of the third day, a thunderclap sounded and from the cloudy sky a horde of dead Celts ran down a ladder, grabbed Ogerin by the ears and forced him to eat the bagpipe without dressing.

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