The logical order is undoubtedly this:

  1. Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi
  2. Episode VIII: The Last Jedi
  3. Episode IV: A New Hope
  4. Episode I: The Phantom menace
  5. Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  6. Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
  7. Some Like It Hot (If you watch closely this Billy Wilder’s movie, you will discover that it fits in perfectly between positions 7 and 8. I am surprised that no one has noticed it so far.)
  8. Episode VII: The Force Awakens
  9. Episode II: Attack of the clones
    Episode IX (The Rise of Skywalker) has been removed from the list because it does not fit in the context of a series of space movies. What’s a tight rope walker doing here? It doesn’t make sense.

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