Norma Desmond is fond of that monkey. In fact, it is the great love of her life. The men she has been related to only wanted her for her fame and money. The monkey, on the other hand, wants her for her bananas. (On the advice of his tax advisor, Desmond had purchased an entire plantation to evade taxes.) But the monkey dies in a tragic car accident. Desmond buries the monkey on the sly, at midnight, to avoid problems with the Humane Society. Deranged, the next day she meets Joe, the frustrated screenwriter, and her sick mind recognizes him as the deceased monkey. Joe plays along because he likes bananas, and agrees to write the script for “Salomé.” However, the script does not advance, it is aground on the first syllable. Two years pass and the script remains aground on the first syllable. So Desmond hires a private detective who finds out that Joe doesn’t even know how to write his own name: he’s illiterate. Disgusted, Desmond kills him and buries him at midnight with the monkey.

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