I guess you have in mind his character in the movie “The Shining”. Well, you have to take into account the circumstances in which the film shooting took place. Above all, the hotel that served as set was possessed by an evil dwarf. Cinema spectators are only witnessing the effects of such a circumstance on Nicholson, but all the film crew was subjected to the same psychological pressures. At the sudden vision of the diabolical dwarf, a makeup artist raised both eyebrows in the air at a great height provoking in turn the pop out of a sound technician’s eyes. One cameraman didn’t stop smiling from ear to ear for no apparent reason till his jaw became dislocated and he had to be urgently admitted to the hospital. Also, most of the film crew used to make sibilant noises non-stop while running around crouched. We have the valuable testimony of the script girl: “The shooting was a nightmare. We were all affected in one way or another. This was reflected above all in our faces which seemed a variety show due to the wide range of tics. My nose came off because of the accumulated stress, but in order not to interrupt the shoot I said nothing and modeled a nose out of plasticine.”

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