One of the most heartwarming scenes in the saga is the interaction between Chewbacca and the watermelon vendor. The Wookiee warrior stumbles upon a basket full of watermelons and, thinking they are human heads, grabs the vendor and accuses him of being a serial killer. The vendor calls him “hairy screwball” and, to demonstrate that the watermelons are not heads, throws one to the ground, smashing it to pieces before the horrified gaze of Chewbacca, who now accuses him of being disrespectful to the heads of the deceased. Continuing his exculpatory demonstration, the vendor takes a piece of watermelon from the ground and eats it. Chewbacca recoils at the utterly lack of scruples of the man, whom he accuses now of anthropophagy. In fear of witnessing some other perversion on the part of the horrid man, Chewbacca hurries to deliver him to the Imperial Police. 
I think this scene offers clear proof of Chewie’s big heart and of his unwavering commitment to the values that characterize the Rebel Alliance.

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