It depends on what horror movie “Halloween” we are talking about. Most Halloweenies will tell you that indeed “Halloween” is the best horror movie. However, the “Halloween” they refer to is the 1978 classic horror movie “Halloween”, and it’s debatable whether the best horror movie “Halloween” is the 1978 horror movie “Halloween” (that is, the John Carpenter’s horror movie “Halloween”). Because there are other horror movies “Halloween” no less terrifying than the 1978 horror movie “Halloween”. For example, my favorite horror movie “Halloween” is the 2001 horror movie “Halloween”. The 2001 horror movie “Halloween” seems to me more terrifying than the 1978 horror movie “Halloween” because in the 2001 horror movie “Halloween” there are a whole lot more deaths than in the 1978 horror movie “Halloween”. (Now try saying all this at high speed.)

The 1978 horror movie “Halloween” is lacking at least one hundred deaths for my liking. (It’s my criterion that the more deaths, the more terrifying the movie. It may seem like a stupid criterion but, if we had more time, we could do an in-depth study about it and we would find that there is in fact a profound inner logic to such a criterion.) In any case, the 2001 horror movie “Halloween” is one of the most terrifying movies ever shot. The plot is as follows: A wicked man goes around killing people for no reason. Simply, he is engaged in killing people, don’t ask me why. He kills left, right and center without anyone doing anything to stop him except putting sticky fly ribbons on the windows. It’s hair-raising because this wicked man has a pumpkin on his head. (Everyone knows that pumpkins are the most terrifying vegetables there are, much more terrifying than leeks and even more terrifying than onions.) The only advantage is that the wicked man forgot to carve eyes into the pumpkin, so he crashes into everything around him. Only this progressive daze as a result of the continuous blows will put an end to his criminal career.

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