It’s not easy for a movie to be successful. Instead it’s extremely easy for a movie to be a failure. So producers often prefer to gamble their money at the casino rather than finance a movie. However, they have no choice but to produce a film from time to time to retain the title of producer and thus enjoy the advantages that this title entails. (Producers are allowed to tap dance and to imitate a duck and to sing country songs, but never on camera.) If a movie raises the amount of money that has been spent on it, the producer thinks himself extremely lucky and, irrationally, believes he has found a gold mine. Consequently, he grabs the movie in question with all his might and there’s no human way to make him drop it. From now on he will only produce sequels of this movie. That is, he’ll shoot the same movie over and over again and, so that the viewer doesn’t realize that he is always watching the same movie, the cunning producer uses the stratagem of placing a numeral after the title. Sometimes, he doesn’t even bother to shoot the movie and he just adds the numeral, in the hope that the viewer is too busy eating popcorn to notice. (This is the raison d’être of selling popcorn in movie theaters.)

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