The Hollywood producers belonging to the Illuminati sect wanted to shoot a great production that would discredit the Darwinian theory that humans come from apes. (Although from my own experience, I dare say that it would not be strange if there were some exceptions that came from the kangaroo.) To this end they hired the services of Daniel Morris, an ardent foe of Darwinian theory and of all scientific theories in general. Unfortunately, Morris passed away during filming when he wanted to demonstrate to a wannabe actress the falsity of the theory of gravity. Then the direction of the movie was entrusted to Franklyn Schaffner, who (as revealed in his memoirs) was secretly convinced that it was the apes that came from human being and not the other way around. Anyway, the plot is based on the idea that man and ape not only are different species but also differ as to the coolest fashion style. In the film, civilized apes have evolved from arboreal monkeys. However, human beings haven’t changed a bit since their creation; they’re still just as stupid and keep wearing the same haircut. In the film, both species confront each other and the apes win the day. Humans are enslaved, but as in the Old Testament, a ‘Moses’ arises among them. (Producers chose Charlton Heston because he had already played Moses in “The Ten Commandments” where he had been successful in bringing the Israelites to the Promised Land.). Well, the rest is irrelevant to our purpose, which is to reveal “the hidden plot” of this movie: namely, to demonstrate the falsity of Darwinian ideas, as well as the convenience of not trusting monkeys excessively.

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