I’ve learned that a Willie Mays’ card is going to be auctioned this Friday in a Manhattan auction house. I can’t miss out. I have US government authorization and funds to bid for any 1952 Topps baseball card. I don’t know whether anunnaki already have that card, but Humanity can’t risk Willie May ending up on aliens’ baseball album. That could hasten the destruction of the planet. Frankly, I don’t understand where aliens’ fondness for baseball may come from -and specifically 1952 season. Although, come to think of it, maybe anunnaki players had cornered that Major League Baseball Season. Anunnaki seem to have been with us since Babylonian times. That’s more than enough time to have infiltrated not only the Major Baseball League but even my tenement landing. All of this is wiping out my emotional stability. Lately I’ve been taking to kissing the street lamps. I thought it was a symptom of OCD, but my therapist says there is nothing to worry about. He says that’s a perfectly reasonable attitude described as streetlight-propensity. Then, he winks at me and make a raunchy comment about a 22nd Street lamppost. Right now, I’m not sure just what I think. I suspect my therapist is playing along with me. A framed quote hangs on the wall of his office: “Madmen should be humored”.

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