The auction house was packed to overflowing with guys in fluorescent pink balaclavas. Before the auction started, I pulled out my pendulum, which swung so wildly that it got out of hand and began to fly over the room like a helicopter. When Willie Mays’ card went up for auction, the bids soared. I kept raising my arm, but the guys in the pink balaclava took turns bidding against me. The auctioneer was going very fast and the auction picked up devilish speed. The opening bid of $ 100,000 rose incessantly and was not slow to go through the roof. I didn’t want to ruin the Federal Reserve, and I was also clearly outnumbered. After six hours of auction I was exhausted: my arms stopped obeying me and I started to convulse. In the end, one of the guys in pink balaclavas walked away with the prize. From the floor I watched helplessly how the crowd of anunnaki triumphantly left accompanied by Willie Mays. Only when they were all gone did the pendulum stop rotating and drop like a brick right over me putting a gash in my head. I left the auction house crawling like a worm.

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