Even if the pendulum starts to spin like crazy, you can’t be sure you’re in the presence of an anunnaki until you’ve stripped the fluorescent pink balaclava off his head. And he won’t let it be removed by fair means. You have to be skilled in martial arts, culinary arts, fine arts or some kind of arts to subdue him. When you take off his balaclava, you discover a head similar to a cap of toothpaste (which is what anunnaki are stuffed with). The most difficult thing is to unscrew the cap without his punches knocking you. Because anunnaki are skilled boxers and they use boxing strategic movements such as hopping around, or ringing the bell at the end of each round, to confuse you. Under such conditions, you can imagine how difficult it is to unscrew an anunnaki’s head. However, if this is achieved, he’s yours. Now all you have to do is to squeeze him the same as when squeezing a tube of toothpaste to empty it of all the paste it contains, and to brush your teeth with it. (A toothbrush: that’s your weapon! The Star Wars lightsaber provided by the government is useless, it’s a dud!) Once the tube of toothpaste is empty and you have thoroughly brushed your teeth with the spilled toothpaste, you have won the match.
Of course, if the ‘men in black’ arrive on time, all this operation is normally carried out by them. (They wear black clothes not because they are widowed but because black color suits them.) But an anunnaki hunter has to acquire all these skills just in case.

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