Today I have discovered a shocking fact that has left me stunned: my pendulum is retractable. If I raise my hand at the right moment, the pendulum rises and then falls, winding the string up as it ascends. Immediately I’ve gone to consult with a pendulum expert, who has given me surprising news: my working tool is not a pendulum but a yo-yo! In any case, I have a large stock of them, so I’m going to pretend ignorance. In addition, the pendulum does no more than channel my sixth sense to identify anunnaki, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s a pendulum or a yo-yo or, say, a turtle tied to the end of a string. By the way, back from the consultation, I have seen in a shop window a pack of plastic sleeves full of baseball cards. Obviously I’ve hastened to acquire it. Few of the cards are from the 1952 Topps baseball set, but they can serve equally as bait to unmask some anunnaki.

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