I took one of the cards (that of Bobby Shantz, Pitcher, Philadelphia Athletics) and placed it as a lure in a giant mousetrap that I built specifically for this purpose. Then, at nightfall, I put the trap on the roof of my tenement and hid myself in the chimney. After a few hours a tiny speck of bluish light appeared in the sky. Moments later the light was placed just above the trap. Lando Calrissian’s Millenium Falcon is a mule-drawn cart compared to such a spacecraft, at which bottom a hatch suddenly opened and a rope came down from it. Then, an anunnaki laboriously climbed down the rope and got into the mousetrap. There were hysterical screams and expressions of panic coming from the spaceship which, after hastily hauling up the rope, departed at supersonic speed. In less than a second, it was again a tiny speck of light in the sky, and the next second it was completely gone. Meanwhile, the anunnaki immobilized in the trap was uttering imprecations. But before calling my contact on the government I had to check that he was really one of them. So I approached from behind very stealthily and with a jerk I took off his fluorescent pink balaclava. Surprisingly, it was not an anunnaki but an employee of a laundromat who said his name was Frank Behre and who angrily threatened to sue me for illegal detention. Of course, I was quick to release him, but I couldn’t get Bobby Shantz back.

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