I just finished reading a book from the ancient astronaut theorist Giorgio Tsoukalos where my suspicions are corroborated. Indeed, anunnaki descended on Earth in prehistoric times to pick up a ball that accidentally they had dropped on Earth and, in passing, empower humans with new knowledge and skills that were necessary for our survival and development. Above all, they taught us the convenience of breathing air, drinking water, and eating food. And where the food should be introduced and where it should be expelled once digested. They taught us to peel potatoes and to wash dishes after each meal. And we were also taught to run when chased by a mammoth and how to stop once the danger had passed. Anunnaki explained to us how to build pyramids vertex up (our prehistoric ancestors had already learned on their own, but vertex down). In those prehistoric times, they also gave us rudimentary knowledge of Quantum Physics, and taught us how to accelerate particles without anyone noticing. We also were given the first notions of politics: the importance of ballot boxes, how to win the elections and how to get a second term; how to face political rivals and how to get corrupted. Finally, anunnaki married the humans’ daughters. But after some time they went out for a pack of cigarettes and were never seen again.

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