I have put on sale on the Internet a non-existent card (one of Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps cards) in the hope that some anunnaki will take the bait. Meanwhile I’ve been devoting myself to perfect my skills in martial arts. Yesterday I broke the dining room table with a karate chop. The doctor says that I will not regain mobility of the hand unless I keep it immobilized for a year. So now I avoid all direct confrontation with anunnaki. I just follow any suspect the pendulum points me. Since I am too well known in Brooklyn, I’ve decided to focus on an area hitherto unexplored by my pendulum: the Upper East Side. The results have been surprising: in seven days I’ve done one hundred and twelve follow-ups. According to these data, the Upper East Side is a kind of Anunnaki ghetto. The funny thing is that the one hundred and twelve suspects all reside in the Millennium Tower. I have relayed the information to my government contact and the men in black have raided the high-rise condominium. In the end it has turned out that I’ve been following the same individual in pink fluorescent balaclava one hundred and twelve times. And to top it off, the suspect has managed to escape. Apparently, the men in black forgot to put surveillance on the entrance and to cover the side doors and emergency exits. (This seems somewhat suspicious to me and I start to think that I can’t trust anyone.)

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