At last someone has taken the bait. Today I’ve received a call asking about the non-existent Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps card. I’ve stressed its non-existence, but he has downplayed the flaw. He wanted to acquire the card anyway. I’ve set up an ambush. This time I personally made sure that the men in black covered all the doors. At the appointed hour, the guest arrived. He was wearing a fluorescent pink balaclava and a raincoat that almost reached the ground. I asked him to take off the balaclava and the raincoat to make himself comfortable, but he answer back that there was nothing underneath. I said I didn’t care. He then proceeded to remove his raincoat and balaclava, and his words turned out to be literally true: there was nothing underneath. At that moment I understood the cunning move: to deal with a non-existent card, the anunaki have sent a non-existent trader. Damn it!

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