As I was saying, few people know that the anunnaki married the humans’ daughters and that, after some time, they went out for a pack of cigarettes and were never seen again. Well, what fewer people realize is that they never left but remained on Earth hidden behind some bushes. When they believed that there was no longer a danger that their human wives would find them, they came out of their hiding place and, to avoid being recognized, put on a fluorescent pink balaclava. Just today I’ve crossed paths with one of them. I was walking along a crowded Pearl Street when suddenly the pendulum started to rotate wildly. I immediately switched myself to alert mode and turned around to follow the individual I had just crossed paths with. He was a Wall Street executive, there was no doubt about that. What I needed to find out was whether he did indeed belong to the anunnaki race. The fluorescent pink balaclava seemed to suggest this, but I couldn’t be sure until he was unmasked. I stealthily approached him from behind and yanked his hood off. In the place of the head was a giant cap of toothpaste tube: he was one of them, now there was no doubt. I quickly grabbed my cell phone and called my contact on the government. While I was reporting my exact location, the anunnaki wouldn’t stop punching me. By the time I cut the call, I was half knocked out. By the time the men in black arrived, I was entirely knocked out.

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