Today I had a chat with my therapist about the advisability of breaking off my commitment to the government to catch anunnaki. He insists that it’s a dangerous task incompatible with a bipolar, schizoid, phobic, narcissistic and pyromaniac personality like mine. I replied that it is precisely these characteristics that make me the right person to carry out this task. (I would never reveal to him that, other than that, I got no choice since I’m being blackmailed by the US government and fifteen other governments of European, Asian and Middle East countries.) “You can’t see them, can you?”, I asked him.
-You mean the anunnaki?
-You cannot see them because you are sane. Only the insane possess this ability. That’s why the government has chosen me
-Why not Mrs. Bernstein? She is as nuts as you
-Each nut has his specialty. Mrs. Bernstein’s specialty is chickens
-What? Are you telling me that Mrs. Bernstein isn’t dedicated to the raising of chickens?
-In her Woolworth Tower’s penthouse? Don’t be naive Dr. Ginsmann. Mrs. Bernstein has the gift of seeing the crowds of chickens that run around freely in New York
-Wha-Wha-What chickens?
-I don’t know. Ask her. I don’t have that gift. My gift has to do with the anunnaki
-Do you call a gift to see non-existent things?
-Just because you and I can’t see New York chickens doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in our philosophy”. Hamlet, Act 1, scene 5.
-Hamlet was nuts too
-He had the gift of seeing phantoms
-But you say the government is paying you to catch anunnaki, while Mrs. Bernstein is not being paid by the government to catch chickens
-Chickens don’t represent a danger to humanity. Anunnakis do


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