At NYC Marble Cemetery, two gravediggers are digging a grave to bury a coffin that lies next to them.

-Are they really going to give him a Christian burial when he is a man from the future?

-I’m telling you, yes. So finish that grave right away. The coroner examined his case and says it should be a Christian funeral

-But how, unless the future he comes from is a future based on Christian values?

-Do you really think that our present is based on Christian values?

-What do you mean?

-Whatever his future may be, I don’t think it can be less Christian than our present

-For the life of me, I don’t know what you’re talking about

-Have you been on Broadway lately?

-Ah, I see. You’re right. Broadway shows never address the religious stuff. I don’t recall one single musical about saints’ lives

-I don’t mean this, you goofball! I mean social disparities. Barefoot children selling newspapers to people dressed in etiquette. That’s what you’ll see by Broadway theaters’ exit time

Suddenly the coffin lid flies off. The two gravediggers turn immediately and watch in awe as Woody Nightshade jumps out and exclaims “Behold!”. Then he stretches out an arm and shoots out like a rocket.

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