Why is the pyramidal shape so abundant among ancient monuments around the world? Have you ever wonder this? If not, it doesn’t matter because we theorists of the ancient aliens have not only wonder and answered this but also put a beautiful purple bow on it. Pay attention because I will only say it once: In 9062 BC an alien called Ytyt who was lost in our galaxy ended up on Earth, where some hostile beings called ‘homos’ lived. The homos caught Ytyt and forced him to wash all the dirty dishes that had accumulated over the centuries. But it happened that the daughter of a very influential homo (for being the inventor of bitumen) became engaged to Ytyt, and all the homos around the world collected money to give the bride and groom a formidable gift. However, in the whole world there was nothing formidable made by the hand of homos. So they inquired of the bride and groom what they would like to receive as a wedding gift. “A pyramid!” Ytyt hastened to say. The bride stared at him perplexed as she had no idea what a pyramid was and in any case she would have preferred a silver cutlery. However, when she heard Ytyt’s description of a pyramid, she was delighted, as were all homos, who found the pyramid to be the height of good taste and utility. So much so that in a few years the entire world was filled with pyramids.

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