How can anyone still doubt that the Machu-Picchu citadel in the Peruvian mountains is the work of ancient aliens? What do they need to convince themselves? An evidence? Ok, you stubborn skeptic, I will give you an evidence. When I visited this site six years ago, I separated from my group to take a walk around and got lost in the jungle. Well, at nightfall I took refuge in a cave full of bats. But these bats were not from Earth but from a distant planet called Geoplksurnvcy. What do you mean, how do I know? Because they told me! Yes, they were talkative bats, and although they had a strong Irish accent, their English was fluent. I was told that 500 years ago, their ancestors (the original pair of alien bats) descended to Earth as stowaways on a spacecraft whose crewmen, the bats told me, were similar to me except that they were not as bulky and their antennae were less noticeable. (I wear toy Martian antennas, just for fun.) Machu-Picchu was built as a second residence to spend the Summer Vacation and important holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. As I was aware that some people were not going to believe me, I asked the bats to give me some proof of their claims and they reassured me about it saying that all I had to do was tell the skeptics that I was speaking on behalf of Goldie Timery. And I have nothing more to say about this.

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