Before the anunnaki modified men’s DNA, men did not dominate the concept of ‘different’, although they did dominate the concept of ‘distinct’. They didn’t know how to distinguish the right from the left, which is why they always arrived several years late for appointments. They did not distinguish the admiral of a fleet from a turnip (however, they clearly distinguished between a turnip and a cucumber). They did not distinguish a centipede from a tiger, hence they often ended up being part of the diet of these predators. They did not distinguish good from evil and evil from Mr. Nicolo Pestalzzi, owner of a fish farm in Nantucket. Before the anunnaki modified men’s DNA, men made bad investments, always losing money on the stock market by investing in technology stocks when technology didn’t yet exist. They were unaware of the practical usefulness of breathing and often died of not using it. They always lost lawsuits for not distinguishing between a legal document and a vegetable (however they differentiated the different vegetables from each other). In reality, they had difficulty understanding any type of document that was written on both sides, since they did not know the concept of ‘both’. Basically they were ignorant of writing and hence reading, although somehow they managed to read the sports sections of the newspapers.

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