In the Bolivian site of Pumapunku (the word meaning “the door of the puma” or also “the pitchers’ bullpen”) there are a lot of huge blocks of stone with an approximate weight of 80 tons each. From the stones’ chemical composition we can state that those blocks come from a quarry located on planet Ywbnajky in the constellation Coma Berenices, 60 million light-years from Earth. Naturally, archaeologists wonder how the Incas moved such enormous stone blocks from such a¬†distance considering that they did not know the wheel. To add insult to injury, the stones are carved and drilled with precision unimaginable nowadays. If we cannot imagine it now that imagination is highly evolved (look at modern cartoons for example, or at those outlandish theories about ancient astronauts), how on earth could the Incas not just imagine it but put such a degree of precision into practice? Did they have scrapers? How is that possible? I, for one, don’t even have a sandpaper, let alone a scraper! And the most intriguing of all: What were those stones for? Were they devices generating radio frequency fields? Exactly! How did you guess?!

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