Tibet has not always been up there in the Himalayas, you know? Before the arrival of the ancient astronauts, Tibet was a bowl from which Sunpintcha drank. Sunpintcha was the Anunnaki leader who established the custom of washing dishes after every meal. One day, he was washing dishes when his precious porcelain bowl slipped. When he went to pick it up, it had already become Tibet. That is why Tibet is a sacred region, like New Jersey. It was the ancient astronauts who colonized both regions at the same time. Hence, New Jersey is so much like Tibet, not only in terms of scenery but also in terms of traditions and population characteristics. A population-based study made in 2005 found that New Jerseyans and Tibetans share a gene from the Andromeda galaxy. It’s no coincidence that both populations love yak racing and that the favorite sports of both are rock carrying and billiard without any cue stick nor ball.

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