It’s common knowledge that off the southeastern coast of US there is a red triangle drawn on the ocean. It’s also known as the Devil’s Triangle. But who drew it and what kind of marker did he use? Definitely a waterproof one, but what brand? Experts believe that such a marker is only made at Gusimedes Labs in three locations around the galaxy and none of those locations is on Earth. This extraterrestrial origin of the Triangle would explain the strange phenomena that occur in it. Christopher Columbus saw a gigantic baseball get sprung from within the ocean at a time when this sport didn’t yet exist (in any case, not with the rules currently in force). Since then, numerous disappearances have been reported, not to mention the strange behaviors of the ships and planes that pass through the region. For example, the cargo vessel ‘Emerald’ began to emit “a poweful wow-oo-wow sound that encouraged the crew to play tag”. The captain ordered his men to stop playing, but he was tagged, with the result that he became “it” and was forced to chase the others.

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