On August 7, 1955, US Air Force Colonel James Milton Isharz was flying in a B-25 in the company of his mother, whom he intended to parachute onto her beach house at Santa Barbara. In his own words, “Just before we got to California, I saw a gigantic aircraft in the form of a flat disc with an inscribed spiral groove. The color was black and the rotational speed 78 rpm”. Strangely enough, her mother saw nothing, yet she clearly heard the song aired by the aircraft in the form of a vinyl record: “It was ‘Come Back To Sorrento’ in the voice of Josef Locke, but the record must be stuck because it repeated over and over the same verse: Sunlight dances on the sea / tender thoughts occur to me / I have often seen your eyes / in the nightime when I dream.” Her son was wearing noise-reduction headphones, so he heard nothing. However, a state of nervousness overcame him, as a result of which he prematurely dropped the parachute attached to his mother. Mrs. Ishard landed in the Sonoran Desert where, guided by an unknown hand, “I ran into my husband who had been missing for six months. Now, I have to wind the clock, you know, it’s running down.”

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